A CALL OUT to all budding musicians who are under 19 years old.

We’ve collected tunes from the four corners of Brum and beyond to get your creative juices flowing. For drummers, pianists, saxophonists, clarinettists, violinists, bassists, guitarists, rap and spoken word artists, and any other kind of musician who’d like to try their chops out for a chance to win £200 courtesy of Punch Records ….just for recording themselves performing one of the tunes on the Flash Up! Tune List…essentially £200 for a few minutes work. You know you aren’t going to earn that rate of pay anywhere, so why not have a go…

What you need:

  1. Music skills: reading music is a big part of winning the competition, unless you can play by ear, and good timing (for music and delivering spoken word).
  2. Enthusiasm and energy.
  3. Your own instrument, or the option to borrow one for the workshop and your Flash Up! performance.
  4. Time to listen, choose and read the music from the Flash Up! Tune List (see below)
  5. To rehearse ahead of the 29 August workshop (BOA Music Potential day, please sign up to and your final recorded Flash Up! performance.
  6. Email us at to confirm your entry in the competition, your chosen location, music and preferred performance time (11am or 3pm).
  7. To remember to choose one of the 12 locations on the flyers and go there on the 8 or 9 September to record your one minute Flash Up! performance.
  8. A friend who will record your performance on a suitably SMART phone.
  9. To send your Flash Up! recording to before the 10th September for a chance to win the £200 prize.

We hope that as young people who are serious about learning music you will enjoy the opportunity of performing music outside your usual learning material and enter the Flash Up! competition not only for a chance to win the cash prize but also for the chance to have your performance shared with a wider audience.

Flash Up! Tune List

‘On The Edge’ has assembled 7 musical donations from some generous artists on the UK music scene. The Flash Up! artists are at different stages in their career, from a wide range of musical backgrounds, some are just stepping up, some have been around for a little while, all are fresh and worthy of your ears.

All the available soundfiles (* email us directly for a rehearsal sound file from Sid Peacock) can be found as part of the Flash Up! set on the OnTheEdgeFusionYouthOrch SoundCloud.

Music style                         Artist/Sound file                                Charts/Lyrics

Contemporary Classical Kirsty Devaney   
Brazilian Folk (Choro) Becky Woodcock
Spoken Word Deanna Roger  
Indian Dhol Jyoti Sehjal   For Dhol by Jyoti Sehjal
Irish Funk Sid Peacock   hard wa   *                   
Jazz Chris Mapp 
Klezmer Katie Stevens
Open Up! You! Send us a chart of your own composition and perform it


Some of the tracks have multiple charts and could be performed by different solo instruments or by small groups, ensembles, it’s up to you if you want to record yourself alone or as a group.

Please email us for more details and to confirm your attendance at the Flash Up! workshop on 29 August.

Flash Up! Contributing artists

Sid Peacock, violin

Sid is a prominent figure in Birmingham music education working with leading musical organisations including CBSO, Jazzlines, Sound it Out, and BCMG. He has a flourishing recording and touring career and currently you can hear his band Surge on BBC3.

Chris Mapp, bass

Chris is a Brum jazzer, known in a variety of bands as part of Sugar Beats, the Sub Ensemble, Rotunda of Wonder and Gambol. As a creative jazz musician he took part in the Jerwood Take 5 initiative in 2008/09. Chris has been active in administration and education for Birmingham Jazz and Jazzlines. He is co-director of the Harmonics festival and contributes to Blam! We also know him as an ‘On The Edge’ trustee who is helping to shape our music policy.

Deanna Rodger, poet and actor

Deanna has written poetry since 2007. From Southwest London, Deanna has performed in a variety of venues across the UK including Buckingham Palace, 10 Downing Street, Queen Elizabeth Hall, RADA Theatre, BAC and Lyric Theatre, Soho Theatre, Roundhouse and various artists launch parties.  At the moment she is focussing on acting having bagged a place in the National Youth Theatre of Great Britain’s REP Company. Deanna often performs as part of Tongue Fu.

Katie Stevens, clarinet

Katie studied in Birmingham where her musicianship found room to grow with space to explore a range of styles and sounds, including performing in The Bonfire Radicals. Despite her love of the classical tradition her interests veered towards the music of Eastern Europe and Klezmer. Recently she has awoken to the sound of the Middle East the haunting resonance of the Turkish klarnet.

Kirsty Devaney, flute, alto sax

An up and coming composer, Kirsty will complete her final year at Birmingham Conservatoire next July. Having won a Making Music award for composition, taught in a diverse range of educational settings and sold her music to ensembles worldwide she is destined to continue a strong musical career.

Jyoti Sejhal, dhol drum

The youngest of our musical contributors, Jyoti is a mere seventeen years old and already a gifted dhol player. She comes highly recommended via Birmingham Music Services/Sampad as a ‘one to watch’ dhol player for her generation.

Becky Woodcock, clarinet

Becky graduated from her music degree this summer and recently performed at a concert at Cheltenham Jazz Festival alongside Chris Potter the acclaimed jazz saxophonist. We also know Becky as our junior trustee and ‘On The Edge’ volunteer co-ordinator.

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