Current openings for volunteers

  • Events assistant
  • Co-ordinator assistant
  • Marketing assistant
  • Publications assistant
  • Editorial assistants
  • Admin assistant

Whether you are a musician in the Orchestra or someone interested in helping with the arts administration side of ‘On The Edge’ we are always happy to get you involved. There are a number of volunteer roles available, from events stewards, flyer distributors, marketing intern, administrative intern and membership intern. If you’re interested in social media, good with a camcorder, like interviewing people or like writing reports, we can find you a number of tasks that will help put experience on your CV.

We welcome adults as volunteers also, so if you’d like to get involved in the pastoral side of managing the band, we’d like to hear from you. Please e-mail us at

Previous Volunteer Testimonial

Kamal Kolade – editorial volunteer

I volunteer to become as remarkable as my peers. I review to see what art has to show.

I came to ‘On the Edge’ Fusion Youth Orchestra to improve and develop my skills in project management; writing and team working. I am really into the Arts and music has taken up a huge part of my reality as I study music technology at college.

I am a spoken word artist/rapper and I have taken up several instruments since I became involved in ‘On The Edge’, piano, harmonica and ukulele.

‘On The Edge’ has inspired me a great deal to keep going and to become as inspiring as the wonderful musicians I have the pleasure of meeting in interviews.


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