The ‘On The Edge’ Fusion Youth Orchestra embodies a vision to join the sounds of the world that already individually inhabit Birmingham’s musical landscape to develop a new sound identity for the region’s youth community.

Working with young people to animate, captivate and fuse a range of non-Western instruments and popular music styles into the jazz tradition in a new and exciting way. Emerging and local professional musicians will take up mini-residencies of no longer than 2 months to teach techniques attributable to fusion styles.

A new large ensemble of gifted and talented under 19’s who are skilled in performing a wide range of fusion charts accompanied by a host of non-western instruments.

  • To provide a long term, inclusive progression route for young musicians and a creative teaching and learning environment for students and professional musicians.
  • To assert a cohort of young artists with a broad range of management skills.
  • To inspire a new generation of audiences who are energised and excited by the young band’s sound and potential.
  • To blend and enrich the cultural diversity of Birmingham in areas that are often excluded from cultural activities.

The orchestra is being developed to accommodate a range of musical origins, currently in negotiation with organisations involved in delivering Indian, African and Arabic workshops as well as discussions about Celtic and Hasidic projects.

Introducing ‘On The Edge’

Plans are underway:

‘On The Edge’ Streetestra Camp July/August 2018
A 2 week music camp taught by local, professional musicians. Get in touch if your community centre or school would like to book a taster session.

Regular Tuesday rehearsals continue in 2018

Regular rehearsals will continue through 2018 with a pool of local musicians to instruct foundation techniques and put in place development skills so that young people become aware of how to be part of a large ensemble, and learn the disciplines required to play together.

Subsequent musicians will build on these foundations with a range of additional techniques and instruments that can blend and add to the orchestra. Regional and National projects are being embedded in the programme as timetables begin to be confirmed.

Rehearsals will culminate in ‘On The Edge’ Fusion Youth Orchestra performances.

Tiered benefits As well as raising the musical excellence of 20+ young people under 19 years of age the orchestra will help develop new music leaders (via volunteer music trainees and young music mentors from the conservatoire). There will be opportunities for student musicians to shadow the orchestra and visiting musicians as well as the potential for master classes as part of music teacher CPD.

Additionally the orchestra provides a number of well-structured music management roles as volunteer and intern positions.

‘On The Edge’ welcomes partnerships with a host of music organisations from around the region and beyond and will support development and employment opportunities for a wide range of musicians.

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