by Rachael Lal

I caught up with Jyoti at school to ask her a few questions about music..

Rachael : How many instruments do you play?
Jyoti: The dhol and piano.
Rachael: How long have you been playing?
Jyoti: I have been having lessons for the dhol from a very young age and I recently taught myself how to play the piano.
Rachael: How did you become interested in them?
Jyoti: I was fascinated watching the dhol being played at many Indian functions such as weddings, which sparked my interest so my parents organised my lessons and I am now part of a dhol group that perform at many events.
Rachael: What kind of music do you listen to?
Jyoti: I listen to everything really except heavy metal. Everything from Soul to RNB really moves me.
Rachael: Who is your biggest musical influence?
Jyoti: I would say Bob Marley and Beyonce they are two huge stars from different times but still impacting today’s music and young people. They are very talented singers and performers with real music that have their own sound.
Rachael: How do you feel about fusion orchestras?
Jyoti: I think getting for example the dhol into an orchestra would definitely attract more young people and make it very fresh. The dhol has a big fast beat and would get the orchestra music more up tempo and exciting and get the audience more involved whilst they clap along to the beat.

Thanks to Jyoti for answering our questions between her homework!


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