Learn fusion music

We aim to join the sounds of the world that already inhabit Birmingham’s musical landscape and develop a new sound identity for the region’s youth community.


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The Team

Get to know more about the team behind our new upcoming event, Streetestra.


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Our Outcomes

A new large ensemble of gifted and talented under 19’s who are skilled in performing a wide range of fusion charts accompanied by a host of non-western instruments.

  • To provide a long term, inclusive progression route for young musicians and a creative teaching and learning environment for students and professional musicians.
  • To assert a cohort of young artists with a broad range of management skills.
  • To inspire a new generation of audiences who are energised and excited by the young band’s sound and potential.
  • To blend and enrich the cultural diversity of Birmingham in areas that are often excluded from cultural activities.

Events and News

We host a number of exciting events and you can read more about some of them here
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