Fiona Ord-Shrimpton – Managing Director



Current openings for volunteers

  • Events assistant
  • Co-ordinator assistant
  • Marketing assistant
  • Publications assistant
  • Editorial assistants
  • Admin assistant

Previous Volunteer Testimonial

Kamal Kolade – editorial volunteer

I volunteer to become as remarkable as my peers. I review to see what art has to show.

I came to ‘On the Edge’ Fusion Youth Orchestra to improve and develop my skills in project management; writing and team working. I am really into the Arts and music has taken up a huge part of my reality as I study music technology at college.

I am a spoken word artist/rapper and I have taken up several instruments since I became involved in ‘On The Edge’, piano, harmonica and ukulele.

‘On The Edge’ has inspired me a great deal to keep going and to become as inspiring as the wonderful musicians I have the pleasure of meeting in interviews.

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