‘On The Edge’ is extremely grateful for the generosity of support it receives from trusts and foundations towards the various elements of its work.

If you are able to support us through a trust or foundation or if your company is Birmingham based and feels that ‘On The Edge’ Fusion Youth Orchestra is a good fit for your CSR , please contact ontheedgemusicfusion@gmail.com in the first instance.

We run a number of event series that would benefit from individual and group sponsorships.

We would like to express thanks to the following for their current support:

  • Birmingham City Council
  • Awards For All
  • Saintbury Trust
  • Postcode Community Trust
  • The Big Give
  • Thomas Wall Trust
  • South Birmingham Small Grant
  • William A Cadbury Charitable Trust
  • John Lewis Community Matters
  • Welsh House Farm Big Local
  • Baron Davenport Charity
  • Magic Little Grants
  • Neighbourly.com
  • Blakemore Foundation
  • Big Ideas Unremembered
  • Concertina Trust
  • WHSmith Trust
  • Punch Records
  • Birmingham Conservatoire


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